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Adult Courses

To always have a group of sisters who will meet on a weekly basis at Quwwat to learn about Islam and to remember the Almighty; working closely with Quwwat Education Centre and the local community and masajid they will be a platform from which Muslim Sisters and mothers can serve, educate and empower the women and children of this community to be upright Muslims and thus upstanding citizens of Preston.


If you are a Muslim sister then we hope by attending the Halaqah you can:

  • Increase your knowledge of the deen & actively engage in the remembrance of God.
  • Make time for your spiritual and personal development in an otherwise busy life.
  • Help you make friends with like-minded sisters.
  • Encourage you to increase and improve your ibadah to God.
  • Enhance your mental wellbeing by keeping you in a healthy and focussed state of mind.
  • Have a platform from which you can make a positive contribution to the community around you.