Adults Courses

Adult Courses

How do I join the Halaqah?

It’s easy. Just turn up one Tuesday morning at Quwwat Education Centre for 9.30 and make your way to room 5 on the ground floor. Soon enough that day will become the first of many trips to Quwwat on a Tuesday morning IA.

Do I have to pay anything to attend?

When the famous red purse goes round sisters drop a voluntary contribution of 50p in to it which makes up our kitty with which we buy our snacks, presents for special occasions and subsidise many of our events. You’ll be amazed at the barakah of how far those 50p’s go. Just a reminder though that the 50p is not compulsory and a voluntary contribution.

Who runs the halaqah?

The Halaqah is managed by a Muslim sister and supported by a number of qualified Islamic scholars and dedicated talented local women. She is a qualified teacher with decades of experience in working with children and teenagers; having been involved in tarbiyyah and religious classes both in Islamic institutions and community based initiatives – such as Mosque Councils, Women’s forums, voluntary Halaqahs, and interfaith community outreach programmes as well as teaching in schools. Whilst the Halaqah has a large degree of autonomy, it is overseen by Maulana Khalid Ibrahim. Should you have any concerns, queries, advice or recommendations please put them in writing or email ( to him.

Do we have to dress in a particular manner?

We ask sisters to respect the gathering and ask that they dress in accordance with Islamic etiquette covering their hair and wearing modest clothing. This is not something we can’t enforce on individuals and it is up to each individual how they dress and we ask all other sisters to respect that at all times.

Can non-Muslims attend the halaqah?

Yes. Non-Muslim ladies are more than welcome to come and join us. We simply ask that they respect the premises they are in and dress modestly.

Can we bring children along with us?

Yes. In fact we pride ourselves in trying to follow the beautiful prophetic way of our beloved messenger (peace be upon him) who never stopped children from playing around him when he was teaching the companions and even during his salah. It is advisable to bring quiet toys that toddlers can play with and should your child be unsettled or cries loudly to take them outside for a while to console them.

What language is the halaqah in?

The halaqah is in English only. Occasionally we have special programmes that may be in Urdu or both English and Urdu.

Do I have to come regularly every Tuesday?

No. The Halaqah is an informal study circle and as it is not structured like a course. You can come as and when you please.

I can’t make it on a Tuesday morning but I would love to be a part of the Halaqah Sisters.

If you can’t make it on Tuesday mornings you can still get involved in our projects or attend our other classes. There are many sisters who never join us on a Tuesday but are still very much a part of our family. They are kept informed about our events by other sisters and sometimes volunteer at our weekend events or join us at our meals, picnics or other programmes.

We have a seerah class on Wednesday morning where you can meet and catch up with many of our sisters. There are also some evening classes which you can attend and IA who knows there may be more classes in the future. These sisters are also on our WhatsApp groups and our email distribution list and kept updated on the latest news and events at the halaqah.

Do you run tajweed classes?

We don’t hold tajweed classes but there are many other classes which take place in the afternoons at Quwwat in Urdu and English and these include tajweed.

Does the halaqah accept donations?

Yes we do take donations, and Alhumdul’ we have some very generous donors. However all donations must be LILLAH ONLY and given with the knowledge that the money will be used in one of our many exciting projects. In the case of any fundraising we do all monies collected for a particular charity or project will only be donated as specified when collected.