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The halaqah is different to anything I’ve ever attended previously. It is the highlight of my week- being part of a beautiful group of sisters, it has changed my life tremendously and has helped me quench my thirst for knowledge and filled a massive hole in my life.

For me it has been life changing. Looking at life differently, concentrating on building a rewarding aakhirah, discovering my love for Aqsa and Al-Quds, learning new ways of dealing with children and parenting and helping individuals and making a difference to others and helping the community. And all that – by just sitting in a room full of beautiful sisters who have come together for one goal – to learn about deen.

At the very first halaqah we were told that ‘IA one day you will do this and do that, organise events for ladies and children and have meals and informal get-togethers and you yourself will come in and give talks here’….. And I thought in my mind – ‘Yeh right!’ Today by the Grace of God it is amazing to see that all of that has come true and materialised and to be a part of all that and be involved in all these projects is so uplifting and rewarding. May Allah accept from us all.

Quwwat is my second home. We’ve often discussed that all we need is some beds and showers now.