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On the breezy but mild autumn morning of Tuesday 13th November 2012 approximately 15 sisters sat in a circle in a cozy classroom on the ground floor at Quwwat. Many had just dropped their children off to school and popped in out of curiosity or after having been invited along. They started with the recitation of Surah Fatihah and exchanged names;none of them knowing really what to expect or why exactly they were there.

From that day on the same classroom still welcomes sisters every Tuesday morning, they still sit in a circle (albeit a funny shaped one) and they still start with the Fatihahbut you can be guaranteed more than 15 sisters. And the uneasy silence that was there in the first few months, the one that looms over a group of strangers when they are brought together (you know what I mean – like the one in a lift when it’s full) no longer exists. Instead it’s a place of happy voices, laughter and smiles, where toddlers play and where friendships are made – all for the sake of Allah.

The literal meaning of a halaqah (plural halaqaat) in Arabic is a ‘circle’. Often it refers to a religious gathering or an Islamic study circle. In such gatherings people generally sit in a circle. Our Halaqah is an informal study circle in which the Most Merciful is remembered with zeal to learn more about Him and our beautiful religion.The Halaqah Sisters at Quwwat have gone from strength to strength, supporting each other emotionally and spiritually and practising the knowledge they have acquired by imparting it into the local community. Qualified aalimahs and loving sisters are always around to answer questions, offer advice and give a supporting hand or simply a smile. By the grace of the Almighty and with the support of Quwwat Education Centre, apart from meeting up every week and spiritually nourishing ourselves we have been able to carry out a number of activities and projects to benefit us and the community around.

We humbly ask you to remember us in your duas and to pray for our continued success, the strength to constantly strive in His path, for the acceptance of our actions and most of all that our Lord is pleased with us and we are pleased with Him.