Quwwatul Islam Madrasah in Preston first opened in 1962 with only 1 teacher and handful number of pupils. Over the decades it has gone from strength to strength focussing always on fulfilling the vision its pioneers had in mind. Alhumdu lillah by the grace of the Almighty we have certainly come a long way since then – from a small house to the Trutex Mill to the  beautiful bright, warm purpose- built building opened in November 2010.

Alhumdu lillah Quwwatul Islam Madrasah today is the largest Islamic religious educational institution in Preston. With excellent facilities; over three colourful floors with inviting corridors lined with mosaics, murals and plaques.  It has become a central hub for an array of events and activities alongside the weekly evening madrasah.

The madrasah includes a wonderful pray and play classroom to help settle our new arrivals each year, individual classrooms for all year groups, wudhu facilities, library and on site car park. Today it caters for over 500 pupils aged 4-16, with over 40 dedicated staff. Specialising in hifdh (memorisation of Holy Quran) classes and now also running the well-received halaqaat catering for men, women and madrasah leavers.