Who runs the Madrasah?

The Madrasah is managed by Preston Muslim Society, Quwwatul Islam. The head teacher and co-coordinator of Quwwat Education Centre is Moulana Khalid Ibrahim. Should you have any concerns, queries, advice or recommendations please put them in writing or email

What is the minimum age for admission?

We enrol children into pray & play one year prior to starting reception class in school. No child under this age will be considered. Just as in school admissions, even if your child misses the entry age by a day the admission is deferred to the following year, we do the same.

Note: Parents are always very eager to enrol their child as soon as possible. However, we at times fail to realise that very young children are actually not ready for the “intensive learning” that takes place in the foundation stages of the Madrasah, in addition to this there are other equally important issues such as being able to visit the toilet independently, putting on your shoes independently etc.

Pray & play class is to gently introduce your child to the Madrasah, and in reception onwards there is much more formal learning of the Arabic alphabet and various concepts from Qaidah.

When are application’s forms available?

Demand for Madrasah places is very high. Due to this, our new intake is usually full 6 months before the start of the new Madrasah year. Application forms are available between February and April. Online forms are available on our website, if you have trouble applying please contact us and our admin team will assist.

Am I guaranteed a place if I’m a member of Quwwatul Islam Masjid?

Priority for admissions is given in the following order:

a) Those who have been Members of the society for 3 years consecutively.
b) Members of the society for less than 3 years.
c) Siblings of current pupils
d) We may admit a child under special and exceptional circumstances who may not meet all or part of our admission priority. This would be subject to space and decision of executive committee.

Note: Currently there is no priority given to children who are from the immediate surrounding area.

If the application is submitted after the deadline date then the application will be considered ONLY if spaces are available regardless of being a member of the society or not.

Do you enrol pupils in other year groups?

Occasionally we have one or two vacancies for pupils wishing to start in other year groups. Parents interested in putting their child on the waiting list should submit an application form and send us the latest Madrasah report. Such correspondence should be addressed to the ‘Admissions Department’.

What are Madrasah timings?
• Our Madrasah runs five days a week (Monday to Friday).
• We have 2 sessions running each day for pray & play class.
• The earlier session is from 5.00pm to 6pm and the later session is from 6.05pm to 7.05pm.
• It is important you carefully select the most appropriate session for you and your child as it is not possible to change sessions after admission (unless we have space in the relevant session). We will try our best to accommodate your preferred session but we cannot guarantee this.

Do all your teachers speak English ?
Yes, all our teachers are fluent in English and pupils are taught in English.

Does my child have to come regularly?
Yes. If your child is persistently absent without a valid reason then this could result to withdrawal of admission.

Does my child have to wear uniform?
• Children MUST be in uniform:

 For Boys: White/Cream Jubbah and white Cap (Topi).
 For Girls: Black Hijab with white Burqa

Do you have an induction program for new starters?
Yes, once all applications are finalised we expect all parents to attend an induction program. Key people are introduced and Madrasah processes are explained. Induction evening also gives an opurtunity for parents to ask any questions to the management.

Does the Madrasah accept donations?
Yes we do take donations, and Alhumdulilah’ we have some very generous donors. However all donations must be LILLAH ONLY and given with the knowledge that the money will be used in one of our many exciting projects. In the case of any fundraising we do all monies collected for a particular charity or project will only be donated as specified when collected.

What do I do if I want to make a complaint?
If you have any complaints or suggestions concerning the Madrasah or Teachers then please do not hesitate to approach Moulana Khalid or a member of the Madrasah Committee to resolve your concerns. All complaints will be dealt with in line with our complaints policy.
Are you a registered charity?
Yes, Preston Muslim Society, Quwwatul Islam is registered with the charity commission.