Our Aims

Mini Team

Bring Friendship, Fun and Faith Together

The Mini Team @ Quwwat’s mission is to strive to be a home that welcomes children of Preston and surrounding areas to join our special family. We wish to continue to provide fun filled sessions in an environment where they have an opportunity to make new friends, and more importantly to help increase their love towards Islam.

Our aim is to:

  • Welcome, value and respect all Mini Muslimah’s and Mini Mu’mins who join our team.
  • Provide all Mini Teamers’ with love for the Deen, skill and confidence to be thriving individuals when being part of society as well as when under our care.
  • Be able to present opportunities to all children with tolerance and understanding for all cultures, traditions and backgrounds.
  • Build a community full of enthusiastic young people striving to be united and also encourage Islamic values with a purpose and vision in mind for their future.