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Empowering people in the name of PEACE

‘How many dots in the belly of Jeem ….’

The question always comes to my mind every time I think of how I was taught the Arabic alphabet. Teachers leave a lasting memory in your life; the good ones, the really good ones and the not so good ones too; memories that often shape your attitudes towards education, work, religion and even life in general. What we learn in childhood is etched in stone, what we learn as adults is written in the sand. Sometimes we can’t remember what we learnt last week but can still remember the nursery rhymes we sang, or the sabak we read – few will have forgotten “a-ma-ra, ba-la-ga….”.

By the grace of the Almighty and the hard work of individuals in our communities we have come a very long way compared to the learning opportunities and experiences both we and our teachers could only have dreamt about when we, or our parents, or our grandparents established the first madrasahs, including our own Quwwatul Islam. But our values and core principles still remain the same. Lasting childhood memories are created here, this is the place where InshaAllah’ many future huffadh, ustadh, mu’azins and imams will run and play. But on closer inspection it’s not simply religious education that happens here. In the Little Sparkles nursery, the Mini Team, the Halaqaat, the madrasah and all the other activities that take place in our facilities – identities are being shaped. Caring, confident and happy individuals who love their environment and the community are being moulded here; individuals who will care for others – irrespective of colour, race or religion.

But then when one studies Islam isn’t that exactly what it is? The means by which to improve your character and become a better human being. After all didn’t our beloved prophet (S) tell us  ‘I have only been sent to perfect good character.’ And he was certainly the best of creation in outward appearance, and inward character and indeed the greatest and most beloved teacher the world has ever seen.

At Quwwat our aim is to work towards perfecting our character and keep Quwwatul Islam a place where this and the pleasure of the Almighty is always our primary and only goal. Our aim is to instil a love for humanity in all.  To address problems at our doorstep and those half way across the globe.  We want the children to be proud hardworking Muslims who know that every one has something to contribute to society  and we welcome everyone who shares this vision through our doors.

Moulana Khalid Ibrahim

Head teacher and coordinator – Quwwat Education Centre