about Us

The Prophet (SAW) cared deeply about every member of his community, regardless of gender, age, race or ability, and we see from the Seerah that he (SAW) respected each individual as they were and did his best to integrate them through engaging with them and involving them wherever possible. 

Maktoom aims to do just that. The name Maktoom is inspired by the blind sahabi Hadhrat Abdullah ibn umm Maktoom RA who was also the Muadhin of the prophets Mosque in Madinah Munawarrah.

Registration for Break Time 2024/25 is reopening

A second registration window for Break Time 24/25 is reopening from 1 May until the 24 May 2024

Parents and carers will be contacted to confirm if their registration has been successful after the closing date.

See how to register for more information.

Please contact Lancashire County Council for any break-time queries: 


Our Aims

Maktoom aims to engender inclusivity through:

  • Providing an inclusive setting which is accessible to children with SEN and their families

  • Ensuring there is a safe and secure environment where children are able to flourish and carers’ and families’ needs are met

  • Facilitating a platform wherein families are able to mutually support each other

  • Supporting families where possible and enabling additional external support to meet their needs, for example through relevant workshops as requested

  • Involving children and their families within existing or planned projects by providing timings and formats suited to their needs

  • Providing opportunities for children to experience madrasah, either through attending a mainstream maktab class with one-to-one support, or via a programme designed specially taking into account their individual needs

  • Facilitating opportunities for the children to engage with their peers on special occasions

  • Celebrating the achievements of these children in assemblies and gatherings where possible

  • Recruiting and supporting volunteers to carry out these supportive roles effectively

  • Raising awareness within the wider community of additional needs, and how they too might support such families





78 hours each year

Break Time short break activities provide a range of activities for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities who meet the criteria to attend. 

Families playgroup

once a month

Maktoom playgroup sessions are aimed to support mummies to loosen their reigns and have a relaxing time with others whilst their children are being cared for by our staff.

Maktoom Mummies

Once a month

Maktoom Mums use a variety of resources such as WhatsApp group , monthly playgroup sessions, coffee mornings  to share experiences and offer support to one another.


What our mummies say

I have found Quwwat Education Centre an incredible beacon of hope for children like my daughter who has severe learning and physical disabilities. I encountered trained staff and volunteers; soft play areas, and disability-inclusive resources which they had specially designed and developed to support children’s learning, as well as their mental and physical health and well-being.
I learned that Quwwat’s motto is ‘Empowering people in the name of peace’, and so it proved. With kind, compassionate, and patient one to one support and mentoring from volunteers, like Miss Aminah Wadie, I have observed as my child has learned to recognise basic Arabic alphabet (not her maternal language) and learn about the rudiments of her given faith through games and play.
The Quwwat Centre has also given me, as a parent, and an NHS nurse in Lancashire, the opportunity to get much- needed solidarity, support and practical tips to help my child’s health, well-being and learning.


Maktoom Parent

On my quest to find an Islamic establishment for my son who is on the Autism Spectrum I came across Maktoom Madrassah.
My son was struggling to learn and cope at a conventional madrassah due to his Autistic traits. He has been attending Maktoom since November 2018. At this madrassah he is given individual attention and this has encouraged him to learn, enjoy and understand Islamic education.
Maktoom Madrassah are very supportive, understanding and listen to all my concerns and suggestions.
Alhamdolilah a great new establishment for SEN children to make them part of the madrassah but catered more to their individual needs.

Umm Yaseen

Maktoom Parent