Familiar asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Maktoom Located?

Maktoom is situated in the very heart of Deepdale, in the newly built building adjacent to Quwwatul  Education Centre, Peel Hall Street.


Maktoom is a voluntary group established in 2017 with an aim to provide a diverse range of short break activities and services exclusively to SEND children and their families. The provision has focussed largely on tailoring to the religious needs and social development of our service users. Since March 2024, Maktoom is officially a registered Break-Time provider supported by Lancashire County Council.

What will the Break Time session entail?

Activities on offer during our weekday Maktoom include; arts and crafts, sensory play, cooking, gardening, outdoor play, exercise, sports, and the use of our Sensory Room.

During our monthly playgroup sessions we have themed sessions which include; stories, visuals, nasheeds, dhikar, arts and craft, and sensory play.

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers will strive to provide individual support to meet each child or young person’s individual support needs.

Are your Staff all Qualified?

We have a SENCo who provides professional help and training to our staff. Whilst many staff do not hold formal qualifications, all staff are experienced in working with SEND children. Many of them have had personal experiences with SEND family members. Above all though, we can confidently assure you that they have the passion, compassion and stamina needed to serve and attend to your child and your family.

What are the Fees and how are they Paid?

Lancashire County Council requires a minimum fee of £2 for each hour. This means you’d pay £156 for 78 hours in a year. Once we approve your place, we’ll give you payment choices.

Do you have a copy of your Policies?

Yes, all our policies are available from the office.

What are your Security Arrangements?

Security is one of our highest priorities. Our doors are monitored by an Intercom. The front door has a CCTV entry system, and each room has CCTV cameras in it. We also have a security entry system.

Are there chances to volunteer or work for Maktoom?

 Yes, please fill out an application form to express your interest.

Do I need to stay with my child throughout the session ?

If this is your child’s initial visit to Maktoom, we’ll request that you remain on-site in case assistance is needed to settle them. Likewise, if your child is unsettled, we’ll ask you to stay.

During our monthly playgroup sessions, mothers are invited to join us and relax in a designated area for mothers throughout the entire session. You can enjoy a cup of tea and engage in conversation with other Maktoom moms.

What are your opening hours?

Maktoom operates 30 weeks of the year.

Weekdays – 4:50pm – 6:40pm, Mondays and Fridays

Weekends – Sunday afternoon

Maktoom Mummies – 11am to 1pm

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We will invite all parents / carets for an induction during which you will be able to view the setting and resources available.

Will my child be able to apply to Maktoom if he/she doesn't have a Break-Time code from Lancashire County Council?

Whilst we would like to welcome all SEND children and their families  – priority will be given to children eligible for break-time, if we have places then we will consider children who do not meet LCC criteria on a privately funded basis

Can I have further information in relation to Break - Time
Is my child guaranteed a place if I have a code and apply?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee anybody a place. Allocation of every place is dependent on an initial assessment and availability.

When will I hear from you once I submit my application form?

We aim to respond to your application within 4 weeks of submission.

How are the children settled into nursery?

Once your child joins ‘Maktoom’ they will receive all the care and attention they need. The first time your child separates from you can be an upsetting experience – for you as much as, if not more than, your child! However, our sympathetic and well experienced staff can help make the whole process much happier and less traumatic.

Some children will settle very easily, whilst for others it may be more difficult and take a little longer.

For these reasons we admit the children in smaller groups. The settling in process will be explained to you during the assessment process.

Many parents and carers like to spend time with their child, where possible we will facilitate for this.

How are the children grouped?

Your child will be assigned a Practitioner who will be responsible for ensuring that their introduction to Maktoom goes as smoothly as possible. The Practitioner will be responsible for working with the child’s parents and/or carer to ensure positive relationships are formed between home and Maktoom. Also to work closely to ensure positive continuity of care and to ensure secure attachments are formed and that your child is experiencing a rich and fulfilled experience whilst in our care.

‘Maktooms’ friendly, experienced and capable staff, are the backbone of our service. Staff are trained in safeguarding and are encouraged to extend, improve and update their training and qualifications.