About Us


Quwwatul Education Centre in Preston first opened in 1962 with only 1 teacher and handful number of pupils. Over the decades it has gone from strength to strength focusing always on pleasing Allah and fulfilling the vision its pioneers had in mind. Currently over 700 children and adults benefit from the wide range of courses on offer.

Our aims and goals

At Quwwat Education Centre our aim is to empower children; by giving them access to beneficial knowledge, exciting projects and initiatives which focus on unity, love & kindness. Our aim is to contribute to a society full of upstanding citizens and upright Muslims by providing a platform to serve and help the local and global community all in the name of pleasing Allah.


Policies & Procedure





Our Course Offerings


The Mainstream curriculum is offered to children from the ages of 4 to 16. This is a broad and balanced curriculum covering the fundamental teachings of Islam in light of Quran and Sunnah.

Intermediate & Advanced COURSES

A wide range of intermediate and advance courses is offered to teenagers and adults in English and Urdu. 

Extra Curricula

A rich programme is planned and delivered for our children and youngsters to help them build lifelong skills and flourish.


Why Quwwat?


Established for Over 40 Years


Located in the Heart of the community


purpose built building with state of the art facilities


a team of dedicated, passionate and skilled teachers and volunteers


Warm and welcoming environment


purpose built building with state of the art facilities


What Our visitors Say

Having travelled the breadth of the country visiting Madrassashs and Islamic institutes, it is easy to conclude that Quwwutul Islam Madrassah in Preston has many of the hallmarks of an excellent and active Islamic institute, MashaAllah. Through its excellent hands-on leadership, Quwwutul Islam strikes a good balance between being progressive in its outlook whilst holding fast to traditional Islamic values. It is a vibrant and professionally run Madrassah operating in a creative and safe learning environment, where high standards of teaching and effective learning through a child-centric and holistic approach to education takes place every day.   

In modern-day Britain, if you are looking for a traditional Islamic institute that carries a broad vision and adds value to your child, look no further than Quwwutul Islam which successfully nurtures practising and active Muslim citizens for the benefit of society.   

Waqaus Ali

Managing director ilm2amal