nikah is half of deen

The Prophet PBUH has outlined the importance of Nikaah through various Ahadith. Here at Quwwatul Islam, we offer Nikaah services for the wider community where one of our Imams will conduct the religious ceremony in the presence of the Muslim community.


Frequently asked


How do we book the Nikah service?

By contacting a member of the committee in the Masjid office. Alternatively you may email us on masjid@quwwatulislam.org.uk.

How much will it cost?

The current Nikah processing fee is £100 to cover all cost in advance.

How much notice do we need to give?

To avoid disappointment, please contact us at least 10 days before the Nikaah.

Who will conduct the Nikaah?

One of our Imams. The Imam will do a short talk advising the congregation followed by the religious ceremony. This can be done in English, Urdu or Arabic.