Quwwatul Islam is regarded as one of the central Masjid within Preston that offer a range of activities for the children, youngsters and elders of the community. The Masjid is regarded as the heartbeat of the community that is an inclusive space for all to come together to worship their creator in the most beautiful manner. The primary purpose of the Masjid is to hold congregational prayer for the community consisting of the obligatory five prayers, weekly Friday prayers and annual Eid services.

Prayers Timetable

You can find the full year prayer timetable on this link.

imams & local scholars

The Imams are responsible for leading congregational prayers. A qualified team of local scholars work alongside the Imams to conduct marriage ceremonies, deliver weekly sermons and advise the masses to progress their religious commitment. They also offer religious counsel to couples or to families experiencing difficult times. The scholars are entrusted to help the community navigate their daily life trying to become a better person. Our experienced Imams and scholars are multilingual and easily accessible. 

Adhan – Call to Prayer

Adhan translates to as the call to prayer. Muslims consider the Adhan as one of the symbols of faith because it is the invitation to prayer. The Prophet PBUH has mentioned many virtues of the one Muadhin (Caller to prayer). As the Masjid has a live transmission connecting to many homes within the community, the call to prayer is broadcasted approximately 15 minutes prior to Salah to inform the congregation to assemble in the Masjid.

Congregational Prayers

We hold congregational prayers at specific times, which you can find in our prayer timetable. These prayers typically take between 1015 minutes.

On Fridays, the special Jumuah prayer (which replaces the Zuhr prayer) is preceded by a sermon (khutbah), which takes about half an hour. From late March to late October (in the days of British Summer Time) the sermon starts at about 1:45pm; for the rest of the year Jumuah prayer takes place at 1 pm.


All areas are served by modern facilities, which includes ablution, 


Space for worship


showers & toilets




ablution facilities


disability friendly



Quwwatul Islam Masjid is an inclusive Masjid, the Masjid has parking facilities and access for wheel chair users.